Hip-hop star LIL' KIM branded her associates greedy and violent as she took the stand in her perjury trial today (10MAR05).

The 30-year-old rapper, real name KIMBERLY JONES, is accused of lying to a federal grand jury investigating two of her associates - Suif Jackson and DAMION BUTLER - in the 2001 gun battle outside a New York City radio station which left one man injured. Both men have pleaded guilty to firing shots in the incident.

Prosecutors say that Lil' Kim tried to protect the two by telling the grand jury that Butler was not there that day and that she did not know Jackson.

The Lady Marmalade rapper testified the men had taken advantage of her generosity and that she had broken off her friendships with them more than two years before her grand jury testimony.

She told the jury that Butler had lived in her house, never contributed to pay expenses and had even stolen expensive jewellery from her, including a $60,000 (GBP31,578) ROLEX watch.

She said, "I was fed up with always bailing them out (of prison). They were taking advantage of me, they were stealing from me. It was having a major effect on my career... I just didn't want a bunch of negativity around me."

10/03/2005 21:33