Disgraced rapper LIL' KIM has "no respect" for 50 CENT, because the hip-hop star glamorises violence.

Kim, real name KIMBERLY JONES, collaborated with 50 Cent on MAGIC STICK in 2003, but their relationship has become increasingly strained since the hit single.

And Kim is sick of the hip-hop star's angry persona, and believes he has no right to be grumpy - judging by the millions he is raking in.

She says, "I don't have a lot of respect for 50 Cent because his music is hardcore, violent.

"I love his music sometimes, but I feel like in his personal life, his real life, he carries that on, and that's not a great message, you know what I mean? I think he promotes it.

"If I was selling six, seven million records, I'm not mad at anyone! How can you still be angry at people, still want to come at people?

"You're making money, you're selling millions of records, you should do something with that leverage."

Lil' Kim entered a federal detention centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last month (19SEP05) to serve a 366-day sentence for perjury.