LIL' KIM is having a baby boy.

The rapper announced she is to have her first child last week, and the baby's father, rapper Mr. Papers, says it will be a boy.

He told ''That's my baby... He'll be taken care of.''

Kim - who is believed to be four-and-a-half months pregnant - had initially declined to say who the father was when she unveiled her baby bump at New York Fashion Week on February 12 but Mr. Papers says they are an item.

He added: ''We together.''

The rapper - whose real name is unknown - has previously said he plans for his son to enjoy the finer things in life.

He said: ''That baby is going to be well taken care of... rocking Tom Ford, Versace - even the stroller will be designer.''

'Thug Luv' star Kim, 39, has said she is ''in heaven'' over her pregnancy and has been getting cravings.

She said: ''[I'm eating] Pizza! Everyday, pizza! A lot of vegetable pizza, because before I didn't eat vegetable pizza as much, but now I'm craving the vegetables.''

Kim has also had to change her notoriously outrageous wardrobe to accommodate her growing bump.

She added: ''I can't wear corsets and all my favourite sexy clothes [anymore]. But it's a very beautiful thing and I'm so thrilled.''