Imprisoned hip-hop star LIL' KIM has slammed authorities for placing her in a federal detention centre which she feels is too rough for a first-time offender.

On Monday (19SEP05), the Lady Marmalade rapper began her 366-day prison sentence for perjury in Pennsylvania's Philadelphia Federal Detention Center.

But Lil' Kim, real name KIMBERLY JONES, was initially under the impression that she'd be sent to the same minimum-security, federal camp in Alderson, West Virginia, which housed lifestyle guru Martha Stewart; or to Danbury, Connecticut.

She said in a statement released on Monday, "I have unfortunately been assigned to a federal detention centre instead of a prison camp as discussed, in the city of Philadelphia. I am not certain that this constitutes fair and equal treatment."

Her lawyer L LONDELL McMILLAN adds, "Martha Stewart got the cupcake facility, and Lil' Kim gets the concrete jungle. We're certainly not asking for preferential treatment, but we also don't want her to be treated less favourably.

"This is an undue hardship on someone who has accepted responsibility for her actions."

McMillan says he plans to petition the court for a transfer.

The Philadelphia Federal Detention Center holds over 1,100 inmates, most of whom are awaiting criminal trials or sentencing.