Rap stars will be banned from bringing large entourages with them when they appear on HOT 97, if the New York City radio station's landlords get their way.

A man associated with 50 CENT was shot outside the building when the IN DA CLUB rapper was on air last month (28FEB05), and LIL' KIM is currently on trial for perjury during the investigation of a shootout outside the music station.

New York's CARPENTERS' UNION owns the 10-storey building. Its lawyer, BRIAN O'DWYER, say other tenants are "in fear of their lives to come to work".

The union is demanding a week's notice prior to radio appearances by hip-hop stars so they can arrange extra security and metal detectors - Hot 97 has until tomorrow (11MAR05) to agree to the new regulations.

O'Dwyer continues, "We have a problem with the number of people who come with them - their posses. Sometimes there are 20 or 30 people coming in and obviously some of them are armed coming through the door."

Station spokesperson ALEX DUDLEY expects to reach an amicable agreement with the union: "it is important to remember that there has been no incident inside the building."

10/03/2005 13:53