Hip-hop star Lil Jon is facing up to the negative side of his huge success - even he is becoming tired of his fans' tendency to shout his catchphrase "What?!" when they see him.

The GET LOW rapper's love of shouting "Okay!" "Yeah?!" and What?!" on tracks such as Usher's hit YEAH! has now filtered down to his fans, and Jon admits it's becoming a little too much to handle.

He says, "I appreciate the people showing me love. But that s**t can definitely get annoying, people screaming, 'What?!' at you all f***ing day.

"They don't understand that you can't be crunk all the time."

Despite Lil Jon often finding his fans' screams annoying, he insists he'll never take on the attitude of a diva.

He adds, "We understand the importance of showing our hardcore fans that we're still the same people. Even though we've had commercial success, we're the same crunk motherf***ers."

30/08/2004 08:58