British singer Lightspeed Champion has undergone emergency throat surgery in a Los Angeles hospital after complaining about swelling around his face and neck.
The star, real name Devonte Hynes, has posted a video on his website, in which he explains his medical emergency.
He reveals he knew something was seriously wrong when his face swelled up and his gums turned bloody and infected earlier this week (begs29Mar10).
He admitted himself to hospital, where doctors told him he was in urgent need of surgery to prevent a blood infection. The ailment stemmed from a previous infection he had suffered.
The operation was a success and Hynes is now recovering at home - but admits he's still in serious pain.
He explains, "A couple years ago I had a tooth infection, which then, whilst on tour in Europe, spread and turned into a blood infection, leaving me in a wheelchair and on crutches for some time; that's how bad it was. Well guess what kids? Correct, it was making a comeback. They said the only way to fix this is to have emergency surgery.
"The infection's core is at the back of the right side of my throat, deep in my gums; it has to go before it wreaks havoc on my body again. They hack away at my gums, and then tear out four teeth, all from that same region. It took quite some time, especially as a couple of teeth apparently did not want to leave."