British rockers Lightspeed Champion were almost forced to cancel a gig in New York recently - because an abscess on frontman DEVONTE HYNES' face had "broken open", spilling blood and puss everywhere.
The band called off their shows at London's Camden Crawl music event earlier this year (08) because of the star's infection - but Hynes was determined to play New York Bowery Ballroom on Saturday (07Jun08), insisting the show must go on.
In an online blog, he reveals, "I was sitting on the toilet and started playing with my face... (as you do) and... oh God, my stomach turns just thinking about this... but it popped. My face popped open... broke open. Whatever.
"I've never seen so much gnarly s**t in my life, and it sprayed all across the cubicle door, there was blood all over the floor, and I really wish I was exaggerating."
But the band was due on stage minutes later, so Hynes was forced to clean the wound up himself.
He adds, "I ran to a mirror, and started taping up my face with plasters... The show was being filmed for public access television. So many fears, sweat dripping down my face taking the plaster off... my face then leaking with puss-blood...
"The show actually was a comedy of errors, everything breaking, and I mean everything... jeeezeus (sic)... it was cool though!"