Actor Liev Schreiber's Gulf War veteran-turned-US Vice President character in The Manchurian Candidate is loosely based on assassinated politician ROBERT Kennedy.

Amid unfounded rumours that co-star Meryl Streep based her steely character in the remake on Hillary Clinton, Schreiber has come clean about his preparation for the role of RAYMOND SHAW.

Schreiber explains, "I saw some footage of Robert Kennedy visiting a shantytown. It was this moody black and white footage of him walking out of this shantytown that families were living in.

"The children's stomachs were bloated from hunger, and it was just a kind of really un-American vision that seemed almost Third World.

"He had a very strange look on his face when he walked out of there, and I have never seen any politician look that way before, kind of a vacant stare.

"He had really been disturbed at the core, and I felt this was an interesting guy to watch. I watched more footage of him and I really got interested in him."

09/08/2004 09:24