Liev Schreiber is to star in 'The Fifth Wave'.

The 'Ray Donovan' actor is in final negotiations to play the villain in Sony's forthcoming sci-fi drama, which stars Chloe Grace Moretz in the lead role alongside Nick Robinson and Alex Roe.

The movie - which will be directed by J. Blakeson - is set in the aftermath of a series of deadly alien attacks and Schreiber's character, Vosch, is a high-ranking military official.

The film sees Earth left a darkened, doomed place following a number of invasions, and evil extra-terrestrials roam the planet in near-human form picking off survivors.

Moretz portrays Cassie Sullivan, a woman who sets out to rescue her brother and believes the safest way to do so is to travel alone - until she meets the mysterious Evan Walker (Roe), who could be her last hope.

The movie is based on a novel by Rick Yancy, which was published last year, and Susannah Grant is adapting the book into a screenplay.

When Sony purchased the rights to the story, they included his proposed three-book series, so there could also be a number of sequels.

Schreiber can next be seen starring opposite Tobey Maguire in chess movie 'Pawn Sacrifice'.