The girls from British pop act Liberty X are turning up the heat with a sexy new dominatrix look.

Michelle Heaton, 24, Kelli Young, 20, and 23-year-old Jessica Taylor donned corsets, leather and leashes for a shoot to promote JUMPIN', the latest single from their new album BEING SOMEBODY.

The trio made it clear what their group's biggest strengths were when they ditched male group members KEVIN SIMM and TONY LUNDON for the pose, which sees Michelle on all fours, while Jessica holds her leash and Kelli looks on.

Michelle says, "I adored wearing this outfit. It made me feel really sexy. We went for the dominatrix look in the shoot, which was great fun.

"Kevin and Tony love it. They want us to dress like this on stage!"

17/10/2003 02:19