Liberty Ross has a new found respect for designers.

The 35-year-old model - who will launch her debut fashion collection for LA-based denim brand Genetic on Net-A-Porter tomorrow (21.08.14) - has admitted trying her hand at creating her own line left her in awe of hard working fashion designers.

She told Elle magazine: ''I've learnt a lot about structuring things and have become even more respectful of all these designers - I don't know how they do so many collections back to back. It's SUCH a lot of work!''

The raven-haired beauty - whose six-piece line for the brand, entitled 'Liberty Ross x Genetic Denim Collection', features a geometric print skirt and jacket, tartan skinny jeans and a pinafore dress - found inspiration for the collection in the work of her favorite designers.

She explained: ''My favourite designers are Alaia and [Alexander] McQueen, Raf [Simmons]- designers that give you a really tight, sharp edge.

''My mini collection is based on all of those sharp lines - there's a jacket you just put on and you're sharp and ready to go.''

As a self professed ''denim girl'', Liberty jumped at the chance to explore her love of the fabric and team-up with the brand.

She said: ''I'm such a denim girl, its always been my go-to thing. I really wanted to explore that - denim's so exciting now because there are so many different things you can do with a pair of jeans.''