Rupert Sanders, 41, is reportedly 'desperate' to save his fifteen year marriage to actress and model wife Liberty Ross, 33, following his infidelity.
Sources told US gossip website Tmz that although Sanders is practically on his knees begging to be taken back, Ross is yet to make a permanent decision about their relationship (which could take months, according to the site) but has listed off several 'conditions' to be met in order for their marriage to continue. The conditions no doubt include not having secret romps with the actresses he works with. Ever since director Sanders was involved in a romantic tryst with actress Kristen Stewart with whom he worked alongside for 'Snow White and the Huntsman' (which Liberty Ross happens to feature in as well), Ross has neglected to wear her wedding ring, though Sanders has determinedly continued to wear his. Not wearing a wedding band doesn't necessarily mean anything however; after all, the pair have got two young children together.
A source told the New York Post: 'She knows she can take her time and make her own decision, one that would be the best for her and her family.' Ross is, despite everything, still making public appearances and was snapped on the red carpet at the premiere of 'Lawless' on Wednesday (August 22nd 2012) looking pretty chilled and as smiley as ever. The NY Post source has insisted, 'She won't hide at home', and added: 'One affair does not erase a ten-year history and many shared experiences together. It is just whether they are strong enough to weather it.'