Paranormal investigators have tracked down showman Liberace's ghost in the Las Vegas, Nevada, club he formerly owned.

After a series of reports from staff of Carluccio's Tivoli Gardens of bottles falling from shelves, floating capes and women's toilet doors locking and unlocking themselves, local investigators have decided to check out the place.

And, as part of a piece for men's magazine DETAILS, ghost hunters MIKE CARRICO and OSVALDO LUNA managed to get a picture they say is proof Liberace, who succumbed to AIDS in 1987, haunts his old haunt.

The odd couple took several photographs as they spent a spooky night at the off-Strip restaurant and club and one digital shot features an apparition.

Details writer BART BLASENGAME (corr), who accompanied the paranormal experts, recalls seeing the image in a picture taken of a bar employee, KELLY STANLEY, who alleges she has upset Liberace's spirit by joking about his homosexuality.

Blasengame writes, "On the screen is a picture of Stanley taken in the kitchen. Covering the right side of her face is a large shark fin of light that looks to be boring into her skull.

"There's no explanation for it except for, you know, Liberace's ghost having it out for her."

02/02/2005 09:14