Liberace's former lover Scott Thorson has revealed all about his fling with "best friend" Michael Jackson in a new Tv interview.

Thorson, who was portrayed by Matt Damon in the recent Tv movie adaptation of his memoirs Behind the Candelabra, claims Liberace isn't the only late showman he was intimate with - he also had a sexual relationship with the King of Pop.

He tells Access Hollywood, "It was a loving relationship. He was my best friend back then because I was going through a lot of trauma with Liberace. He also knew I was on drugs. He was very against drugs back then."

Thorson claims he was introduced to Jackson by Liberace in 1977 and he romanced the King of Pop for several years, but the truth never came out because the singer refused to take a lie detector test.

He explains, "I passed two lie detector tests, and they offered Michael a lie detector test, but Michael refused, and then of course the Jackson family denied it."