Liam Payne would wear one of Cheryl's thongs.

The 'Familiar' singer admitted he is ''lazy'' and can never be bothered to sort out their clean clothes into separate drawers, so will just pull on whatever he finds - and if it was one of the 'Only Human' hitmaker's lacy undergarments, he'd still be willing to try it out.

Asked about his recent Instagram post in which Liam confessed to wearing Cheryl's socks, he told Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw: ''I'm lazy I should know better after all these years, I just pile all the socks in the drawer, all the boxers.

''Luckily I didn't end up with any thongs, that would have been embarrassing. I might have tried it out, could've been a bit airy, a bit free!''

The 24-year-old star - who has 13-month-old son Bear with his girlfriend - admitted he and Cheryl share a lot of their clothes with one another.

He added: ''Honestly these days because of the way clothes are, a lot of stuff is baggy so I get a lot of her clothes in my wardrobe and if I'm feeling it that day I'll whack it on.

''I had this jumper on the other day which had 'woman' written on the back. We're gonna get pictured in a lot of the same stuff.''

But it isn't just Liam taking Cheryl's clothes as he has had to say goodbye to a lot of his favourite designer pieces because they've caught the eye of the 34-year-old pop star.

He complained: ''Honestly it's so bad if I'm wearing something and she goes, 'Oh I like that', I know I'm never seeing it again.''

The 'Strip That Down' singer recently spoke of how ''proud'' he was when Bear was born and admitted it was a day he'd never forget.

He said: ''Seeing the birth of your child is the most proud moment you can ever have.

''It's also the craziest and like mixed emotions you'll ever feel.

''It was insane but you can just remember every minute of it.

''There's a lot of things that are kind of blurry but that one's like straight in there.

''And then you can just remember being in the waiting room afterwards just holding him feeding him a little milk after he's just been born.''