Liam Payne wanted his son to have a ''more traditional name''.

The 23-year-old singer and his 33-year-old partner Cheryl welcomed their first child together into the world on March 22 and decided on the moniker Bear, but the former One Direction band member has revealed deciding on the tot's name was ''an internal battle'' because he wanted a classic name, whilst her girlfriend wanted him to be called something ''unusual'' and memorable.

Speaking about the decision making process to 'Total Access', the dark-haired hunk said: ''It was like an internal battle.

''I wanted a more traditional name and she wanted a name that was more unusual. And the reason she chose Bear in the end was because Bear is a name that when you leave a room, you won't forget. And I like that.''

However, the 'Strip That Down' hitmaker has admitted he ''wasn't really having it'' and could not ''understand'' the choice of name at first.

Liam explained: ''At first I wasn't really having it. I was like, 'I'm not really sure. I don't really understand.'''

But the musician has since changed his mind and believes his son has grown into his name as the weeks have gone on.

He added: ''When I look at him, he's just Bear

''Now I look at him and he's Bear. You become your name as you get older anyway.''

Despite needing to be convinced on his son's unique name, the British star is over the moon at becoming a father, and recalled the ''special'' moment when Bear smiled at him for the first time.

Liam - who is currently in the US putting the finishing touches on his debut solo album - previously said: ''We're always Facetiming and the other day he smiled at me for the first time, it was so special. I just want to spend every moment with him but she (Cheryl) is so great, she does everything on her own. She's been amazing.''