Liam Payne admits leaving his son to go on tour is ''difficult''.

The 24-year-old singer has six-month-old son Bear with his girlfriend Cheryl, but Liam has confessed he finds it hard leaving his child to head off on a world tour.

The British star shared: ''He's going to stay with his mum until we really figure out what we're doing.

''It's going to be difficult. It's hard being away, but time differences with babies and stuff - it's really hard on them. I don't want to drag him around the world for, you know, just for my sanity. We'll do it when the time's right.''

But, prior to heading off on tour, Liam and Bear have been learning Spanish thanks to one of his son's toys.

The 'Strip That Down' hitmaker explained to Us Weekly: ''They have toys that play Spanish. He was bouncing around, it was counting in Spanish. I was learning Spanish myself.''

Meanwhile, Liam previously revealed that he struggled during his time in One Direction, because the band members could rarely leave their hotel while touring.

Liam explained that their fans were so passionate about the group, it made it virtually impossible for them to step outdoors when they were on the road.

The singer shared: ''It sent me a bit AWOL at one point, if I'm honest. I can remember when there were 10,000 people outside our hotel. We couldn't go anywhere. It was just gig to hotel, gig to hotel. And you couldn't sleep, because they'd still be outside.

''People were speaking to me about mental health in music the other day, and that's a big issue. Sometimes you just need some sun, or a walk.

''One of the problems was that we never stopped to celebrate what we'd done. I remember us winning loads of American Music Awards and then having to get on a plane straight away.''