Liam Payne admits his life is ''strange''.

The One Direction singer is regularly stunned by the way his life has changed since finding fame on UK TV show 'The X Factor' in 2010.

Asked if he ever thinks his life is ''insane'', he said: ''Most days at some point will cross my mind, this is a little bit strange. Yesterday was one of those days, we went to Universal Studios, I've been coming since I was about six, so about 12 times, then at the end of the day, everybody went home and we just got the theme park to ourselves, it was pretty crazy.

The 21-year-old star and his bandmates - Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan - always travel by private jet, and though the 'Steal My Girl' singer insists the luxury craft isn't very ''glamorous'', he did admit one of their biggest extravagances on the plane is eating fast food on ''posh'' china.

Speaking to Scott Mills on 'BBC Radio 1's Official Chart' show, he said: ''It's not as glamorous as you think. The word jet is the most glamorous thing about it. There's loads of crisps, Haribo and rubbish food.

''We always order McDonald's [on the plane] and it comes on a plate - they won't bring it out just in a bag, they serve it up on a plate. They get it before and we just sit and eat McDonalds like little children, not ordinary plates,posh plates.''

Despite travelling in style, the group try not to sleep on the plane in case they fall victim to a prank.

Liam added: ''If you fall asleep, your face is going to get sharpied. Harry carries a sharpie [marker pen] everywhere so if you fall asleep you get something drawn on your face or a few choice words on your arm.''