Liam Payne's new girlfriend Maya Henry has helped him ''relax'' and live a more normal life.

The 26-year-old singer insists things are going really well with model Maya Henry and he has revealed that she has inspired him to not worry about his fame and things like being photographed by fans when he is out in public and it has given him a newfound freedom.

In an interview on the 'KISS Breakfast Show', he said: ''She's awesome ... it's kind of got to the point with my life, where I'm like, screw this. It's not worth my happiness. If someone is going to take a picture, someone is going to do something. The difference is with her, she's so relaxed that it helps me relax in a situation ... It's been quite nice just going out. I've managed to explore a lot more of London than I ever have actually my life, which has been quite fun. My life has been quite normal recently, which has been a break. It's good. I'm enjoying myself right now.''

Liam's previous relationship was with former Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy - with whom he has two-year-old son Bear - and her celebrity status coupled with his One Direction fame meant they attracted a lot of attention.

Liam and Maya, 19, first met at a Dolce & Gabbana gala dinner in Tremezzo, Lake Como shortly after his split from Cheryl.

After the party in Italy, the 'Strip That Down' hitmaker was also seen partying with the Instagram star on board a luxury yacht in Cannes, France.

Things are going great for Liam in all aspects of his life as he has just unveiled his new single 'Stack It Up', which has been written by his friend Ed Sheeran, and he couldn't be more proud of the track that they've created together.

The 1D hunk said: ''I can't believe my luck. It's so cool that he (Ed) wants to write songs for me ... the song in a sense is kind of one-dimensional in a way, in that it's about making money. Let's cut the crap, it is about making money. I like the idea of working hard for what you have and having knock backs and different things, and having this little struggle to get to where you're going to. Everyone has got their little hustle. But at the same point like, it's better to make money with or for someone, to share with someone than it is to just, because you can have everything you want, but it's pointless if you haven't got anybody to share it with.''

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