Liam Payne claims One Direction weren't allowed to dance.

The 'Familiar' singer has revealed he and his bandmates - Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and former member Zayn Malik - were put under ''strain'' to do a lot of things a certain way as the biggest boyband in the world.

Since announcing their hiatus in 2015, all members have launched solo careers, and the 24-year-old heartthrob admits they've only been able to show who they really are as individuals since doing their own thing.

He spilled: ''When you're in the band, there are certain jobs you have to do and hoops you have to jump through, so that was always a little bit of a strain on all of us.''

On not being able to bust the moves on stage in the 'History' group, Liam said: ''I dance now, and that was never a thing when we were in the band.

''It was kind of frowned upon.

''Comical dancing was alright, but if you took yourself too seriously, it was like, 'What the hell are you doing?'

''So a lot's changed, but now you're seeing the real people who were in the band.''

On how Harry, 24, and Louis, 26, have changed, he added to Billboard magazine: ''You see us now, and we're different people.

'You see Harry -- he's now in his Gucci suits and different colours and singing different songs.

''The way he stands with his microphone -- it's all coming out now! You see Louis doing dance music.

''I would've never have seen that coming, because he was the indie kid, and this is very different for him.''

Liam previously said that if the band decide to reunite in the future, it would be likely they'd all perform one another's solo songs.

He said: ''For me the only way One Direction could better themselves from going to playing stadiums - like where else do you play? - is to manage to be, you know, like 'The Avengers', like we're successful on our own.

''Like if Iron Man wants to go and deal with someone, he just deals with them.

''He doesn't call up Hulk and be like 'oh, whatever' unless he really needs him.

''So my thing is, why aren't we like that?

''Like, we should go and boss it on our own and then when we do the show it can be like 'yeah, yeah, just sit down there boys, I'll sing a bit of 'Slow Hands'', you know what I mean? Imagine that?''