Liam Payne has ''rap battles'' with his girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy.

The 24-year-old singer and the former Girls Aloud star - who have seven-month-old son Bear together - both come from the music world, and like to show off their skills by pitting themselves against one another in rap and dance battles in their kitchen.

Speaking to the Big Top 40 radio show, Liam said: ''To be honest with you we have rap battles in the kitchen, we have dance battles, I learn new moves all the time. Our kitchen is a wonderful place and sometimes food gets cooked there as well.''

The couple have been going from strength to strength since their son was born, and the 'Bedroom Floor' hitmaker even claims he has a telepathic connection with his 34-year-old girlfriend.

He said recently: ''[Bear] sleeps in our room now, I can feel when Cheryl wants me to look after him in the night even if she doesn't say it.''

But despite their relationship being so strong, the One Direction star is unsure if he wants to get married, as the subject seems ''weird'' to him.

He said: ''I don't know if I'm the wedding-y type of guy. Weddings feel a bit weird to me. I don't know. Who knows? We'll see. We're just really happy in baby land at the moment.''

Meanwhile, after Cheryl recently revealed she ''hated'' being pregnant, the 'Strip That Down' singer insisted she is a ''fantastic'' mother.

He said: ''She didn't enjoy [pregnancy] as much as she thought she would. There's a lot of things people don't tell you about this pregnancy business that happen.

''She went through different things with it, especially coming out of it, but she did great.

''She's the most fantastic mum, which was no shock to me. I knew she was going to be incredible.''