Liam Payne was robbed at knifepoint at the age of 12.

The 25-year-old singer has admitted he feels lucky to be alive after he and a friend were lured to a remote spot by a man wielding a ''massive hunting knife''.

Calling on the UK government to tackle knife crime, Liam recalled: ''It was one of the scariest things I have ever been through in my life.

''I was lucky, but so many aren't ... Something needs to be done. We've reached unprecedented levels of people losing their lives.''

Liam confessed his life flashed before his eyes in the midst of the frightening incident, which took place close to his hometown of Wolverhampton in England.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''This 6ft 2 guy says 'I will tell you the truth, lads, you've been brought here today to get jacked'. My life flashed before my eyes.

''He pulled out a massive hunting knife and I felt my heart in my throat. It was really scary.

''He was pointing the knife in our faces, then sharpening the blade with a stick and making up raps.

''We ended up giving him what we had in our wallets. Eventually we just legged it and jumped on the nearest bus even though we didn't know where it was going.''

Liam and his friend both appreciate they had a lucky escape - and that some people aren't as fortunate.

He shared: ''I often talk to my friend who was with me at the time, saying 'we are so lucky to be here'.

''There are a lot of people who aren't that lucky.''