Actor Liam Neeson was bombarded with so many letters of condolence following the 2009 death of his wife Natasha Richardson, he still has "two barrels" full of notes he's yet to open.
The British actress passed away in March 2009 after suffering a fatal blow to the head during a skiing trip in Quebec, Canada.
The A-Team star was left devastated by the tragedy, and was moved by the outpouring of sympathy from fans around the world.
But he admits he's yet to bring himself to delve into the piles of letters he received in the months after the tragedy.
He tells People magazine, "I have two barrels of letters I still haven't opened yet."
However, Neeson insists he's coping as best he can with life as a widower and is focusing all his attention on ensuring his teenage boys, Michael, 15, and 14-year-old Daniel, are happy.
He says, "My kids are good. And as long as they're good, I'm good. It's as simple as that. I have an extraordinary family on both my side and my wife's side."