Liam Neeson shuns method acting, and doesn't understand the acclaim stars such as Daniel Day Lewis and Robert De Niro receive for their roles.
Day Lewis refused to have treatment for pneumonia during the filming of 2002's Gangs Of New York, which Neeson starred in, because it wasn't inkeeping with the period the film was set in.
And the 56-year-old doesn't understand the approach of "dreaming and sleeping" any character he plays - insisting that his talent is enough to carry a role.
He says, "Actors such as Daniel Day Lewis and Robert De Niro are often held up as 'this is the way to act' but I don't go to bed dreaming and sleeping the character.
"There's a lot of b******* in acting. I'm not criticising those guys as actors but sometimes you just have to show up and deliver a speech. You don't have to pretend to be somebody, I like to think I am enough.
"I'm not interested in 'Oh he lost 30 pounds for this role'. I think that should stay private. I don't wanna hear it."