The Northern Irish movie star is backing the movie adaptation of author Mark Mulholland's 2014 book A Mad and Wonderful Thing.

The project will mark Neeson's debut as a movie producer.

Mulholland tells the Talk of the Town blog, "It was Liam who did the running on this and made the thing happen. And it was Liam that approached and encouraged Parallel Films to go for it.

"Liam has been loyal and supportive to the work from the start and he has also made some wonderful comments. Liam, because of who he is, brings assurance of a big production and a guarantee of attention.

"This will be Liam's first film to include a role behind the camera. Some months ago I suggested to Liam that he may like to make the film himself. Madly enough, he said yes. Well, what he actually said was, 'I don't have a production company; never had. And I've no desire to direct or to produce really. However, I will make an exception for A Mad and Wonderful Thing'."

Raving about the book last year (14), the actor said, "I thought it excellent. Deeply satisfying and moving."

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