Liam Neeson regrets missing out on a meeting with Richard Burton on the set of a 1980s TV show, because the Hollywood icon died just three weeks later.
The Schindler's List star was too scared to introduce himself to his hero Burton after they appeared in mini-series Ellis Island together in 1984 and admits he's still kicking himself over the missed opportunity.
He tells Britain's Daily Express, "We worked on this series on TV (show) called Ellis Island. I remember coming out on to the set and seeing him... he was listening to this lady who was with him, and he had his arms folded behind his back, and he looked incredibly fit. I remember thinking, 'Wow, it's Richard Burton.'
"I didn't want to go over and introduce myself. I wish I had. Three weeks later he passed away."
Now Neeson is honoured to be taking over from Burton as the narrator of musical stage production War of the Worlds, appearing to the audience in the form of a 3D hologram.
He adds, "When I hear myself saying the lines, in my head I hear Richard's voice."