Liam Neeson uses his senior person's railcard to travel around the UK.

The 65-year-old actor is among the most recognisable faces in the movie business, but he has no qualms about using his discount card.

The Academy Award-winning star - who celebrates his birthday on June 7 - shared: ''The last time I was on a train, I was going from Paddington down to Penzance. I have a senior railcard - so I get a big discount, which meant I was able to travel first class. It was terrific.''

The Northern Irish star has been eligible for a senior person's railcard since he turned 60, and Liam has been keen to take advantage of the discount over the last few years.

Despite this, Liam revealed that he's rarely been recognised during his travels in the UK.

The 'Taken' actor told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''I rarely get noticed on the train. If I think there's going to be a crowd, I just pull my baseball cap down a little bit and put my head in a book or a paper.''

Even though he now qualifies for a senior person's railcard, Liam recently revealed that he still feels as though he's just 40 years old.

Liam feels great for his age, and thinks he's ''very lucky and very blessed'' to still feel 15 years younger than he actually is.

He said: ''I've gotta stop saying to myself, 'I'm 65'. I've got to do that. It's an Irish thing. Sort of seeing the glass half empty instead of half full.

''But inside I feel 40. But I sometimes think, 'Who are you fooling? Who are you kidding?' I've got to stop that. Life's good! I'm very lucky and very blessed.''