The Taken actor stars in the upcoming war movie as General Douglas MACArthur of the U.S. Army, who lead a risky operation to land United Nations allied forces into the port city of Inchon, South Korea to help the Korean army beat invading North Korean troops.

The Irishman feared the project, which is based on the real Battle of Inchon (aka Incheon) in 1950, could spark retaliation from North Koreans, who were reportedly behind the terror threats in response to the comedy The Interview. The 2014 movie featured an assassination plot against their leader Kim Jong-un, and subsequent threats lead to the cinema release of the movie being cancelled.

"North Korea and South Korea signed an armistice in 1953 and both countries are still essentially at war... It's a horrifying situation and in light of very recent events (such as the Sony hack) we are all, not just as filmmakers, but as citizens of this world, very concerned," Liam said at a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday (13Jul16), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Liam was also worried about portraying MACArthur, who is considered a national hero in South Korea, where the film was made.

"I suddenly got very, very nervous thinking, 'Can I do this? Am I up for this?' Because he, MACAurthur, seemed to be revered, and has got an almost saint-like status in the country."

Making a movie in South Korea is a rare move for a Western actor and Liam admits he felt "very honoured" to be involved in the film, which is released in the country in July (16) before it receives a global release.

In 2014, hackers named Guardians of the Peace hacked the database of Sony Pictures Entertainment and leaked private files and movies to pressure executives into pulling The Interview. The release was eventually dropped after the hackers threatened to attack the premiere and other cinemas showing the movie.