Former LOST actress MAGGIE GRACE has been TAKEN in by her latest project, a big screen thriller opposite movie legend Liam Neeson.

Grace, who played Shannon in the island-based castaway show, has been somewhat lost since leaving the hit show, appearing in a handful of low-budget movies. However, the blonde beauty, widely tipped as "the next big thing" after leaving the show, has now signed up alongside Neeson in the spy thriller TAKEN.

Neeson is to play a former spy whose estranged daughter, Grace, is kidnapped and forced into the slave trade. Neeson, of course, is tested to the limit and uses all his skills to save her.

Smacking somewhat of a retake on Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1985 hit COMMANDO, the film is expected to perform to the required standards, with the writing team of LUC BESSON and ROBERT MARK KARMEN, who were behind the similarly nonsensical TRANSPORTER 2.

But Grace also has THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB upcoming, which is scheduled for release this year, as well as the independent film SUBURBAN GIRL, which is based on the best-seller THE GIRL'S GUIDE TO HUNTING AND FISHING, and sees her star alongside Hollywood veteran Sarah Michelle Gellar.

20/02/2007 11:04:49