Liam Hemsworth has joked he is the best actor in his family.

The 'Hunger Games' star's two older brothers Chris and Luke are also actors and when asked who is the most talented in their family, Liam quipped he is better than his siblings.

He told MTV: ''Which is the best? Well, I don't wanna say it, but I'd probably go with me!

''That's just arrogant, isn't it?''

However, Liam then got serious, crediting his brothers with getting him into the business and calling them his best friends.

He said: ''My brothers are my best friends, I wouldn't be doing this job I think if it wasn't for them.

''My oldest brother Luke got into acting first and he did TV shows for a long time in Australia. Then Chris got into it, and that was kind of how I got into it.''

Chris recently revealed the brothers try to support each other for acting but when it comes to sports their competitive natures come out.

He said: ''We have a healthily competitive relationship in everything - as brothers do. Whereas with [acting], all three of us are so aware of the instability of it all and how much is up to chance. It's far more of a supportive relationship [we have in acting] than backyard football, or surfing, or whatever else we do in our free time.''