There is a ''definite chance'' Noel and Liam Gallagher could reunite for a benefit concert to support the victims of the Manchester Arena terror attack.

The siblings have been embroiled in a bitter feud for a number of years but fans are hopeful the pair could reunite Oasis for one night only to perform at an event to remember the 22 who died in the terrible events of last week.

An insider told the Daily Star newspaper: ''There is a definite chance of this. There would be no better display of unity than them performing together.''

It comes after Liam took to social media to wish his older brother a happy birthday.

He simply posted: ''Happy 50th rkid stay young LG x (sic)''

Liam has already announced a benefit show at Manchester's O2 Ritz with all profits going to the victims of the terrorist attack, which takes place on Tuesday evening (30.05.17).

Teasing the tour dates on Twitter at the time, he wrote: ''The wait is nearly over Brothers n Sisters massive announcement first thing tmorrow morning sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite LG x (sic)''

Before adding the next morning: ''Tickets on sale fill your boots LG x (sic)''

Speaking about the horrific atrocity, which saw 59 people left badly injured, the 44-year-old rocker fumed: 'It's outrageous. Just so sad. What can you do? It's just f***ing out of order. There are kids and people dying all over the world. And for what?

''I'd gone to bed early - about 10pm - then got up in the morning to a text from my other brother saying what had gone on and I put the TV on. It's just unbelievable.''