Noel and Liam Gallagher are to headline BBC Radio 2's stages at the Biggest Weekend Festival in May.

The feuding brothers - who starred together in the chart-topping Britpop group Oasis - have been booked to play on different dates at the festival, with Noel playing the Scottish leg in Perth on May 26 and his younger sibling appearing at Coventry's War Memorial Park the next day.

Speaking to Chris Evans' Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Liam admitted that the gigs would mark a first for the world-famous brothers.

Asked whether they've ever played for the same cause in different locations, Liam replied: ''No, no, no, but we're getting closer and closer to each other, aren't we?''

Chris subsequently likened the siblings to ''two sperm whales eyeing each other up from miles apart''.

Liam - who has frequently attacked his older brother on social media and in interviews since Oasis' bitter split in 2009 - replied: ''Yeah that is it, mate. We're getting closer and closer, we're gonna collide, mate, one day and who knows what will happen?''

The Biggest Weekend is the largest music event ever attempted by the BBC, with venues in England and Scotland featuring music from BBC Radios 2 and 3.

Elsewhere, Radio 1 is set to take over Swansea's Singleton Park, where a host of big-name stars will perform, including Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, Liam recently warned Noel to hire security guards to keep them away from one another.

The outspoken rocker blames his older sibling for the demise of their group, and he accused the 'Holy Mountain' singer of making life difficult for the rest of the band to suit his own ends.

Liam said: ''He wormed his way through that band and used people and sacked people and then f**ked us all off at the end for him to further his f***ing s***ty little cosmic pop career. Sacked the f**ing drummer; made it impossible for Bonehead to be in the band; Guigsy left after; Whitey went. But it still weren't enough.

''But he didn't have the b******s to sack me. One minute I'm there, next minute I'm under the bus, like some f***ing drummer.

''F**k that, I'm Liam f***ing Gallagher, sang my balls off, I'm the voice of that band, and now you want me to just f***ing disappear and have a little laugh about it? I don't f***ing think so, mate.

''I see you in Marylebone, I see you f***ing out, you'd better have a f***ing security guard with you and you'd better be paying him good money, because you'd better f***ing run, mate.''