OASIS star Liam Gallagher has attacked his brother NOEL and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin for persistently whining about their struggles as famous song-writers.

The WONDERWALL rocker is furious Noel delayed their world tour by perfecting their latest album, DON'T BELIEVE THE TRUTH.

And he advises his sibling and Martin - whose album X+Y was also delayed by writing difficulties - to spend less time complaining and more time writing if they want to meet their deadlines.

When asked what Noel and Martin talk about, Liam sneered, "The struggles of being a writer in a big band. The struggles they had.

"It's bulls**t. It's f**king easy. Get into the studio and f**king work, and if it don't work, try harder.

"I should be halfway round the world on tour now, rocking, but we've taken ages to make this f**king record."

07/07/2005 03:00