Liam Gallagher admits his wife gets frustrated with how many free clothes he gets sent.

The former Oasis rocker launched his Pretty Green label in 2009 and now gets given lots of outfits from different designers, much to the annoyance of his spouse, former All Saints star Nicole Appleton.

He told Shortlist magazine: "I get loads of free stuff. Since I started Pretty Green my missus hasn't been happy. I've always had more shoes than her. I like my shoes."

The Beady Eye frontman has so much stuff he gives a lot of it away to charity because he hasn't got the space.

He said:" I just have to go through it every now and again and think, 'D'you know what? I'll give that to charity.' That makes me feel good. There's loads of f**king cool-looking tramps round our way now, mate."

Liam says one of the appeals about his clothing range is the fact the designs look good on anyone.

He said: "A few people like it. A lot of footballers, and Lewis Hamilton's into it. There's something in there for everyone. The prices could be a little bit expensive for people who haven't got that much money, which is why we do the Green Label, but the Black Label looks f**king tasty."