Liam Gallagher has warned his brother Noel to hire security guards to keep them away from one another.

The 45-year-old rocker still blames his older sibling for the demise of their group Oasis in 2009, and accused the 'Holy Mountain' singer of making life difficult for the rest of the band to suit his own ends.

But Liam vowed he will never just ''disappear'' to leave Noel alone to enjoy his solo success without hassle.

He said: ''He wormed his way through that band and used people and sacked people and then fucked us all off at the end for him to further his f***ing s***ty little cosmic pop career. Sacked the ***ing drummer; made it impossible for Bonehead to be in the band; Guigsy left after; Whitey went. But it still weren't enough.

''But he didn't have the b******s to sack me. One minute I'm there, next minute I'm under the bus, like some f***ing drummer.

''F**k that, I'm Liam f***ing Gallagher, sang my balls off, I'm the voice of that band, and now you want me to just f***ing disappear and have a little laugh about it? I don't f***ing think so, mate. I see you in Marylebone, I see you f***ing out, you'd better have a f***ing security guard with you and you'd better be paying him good money, because you'd better f***ing run, mate. That's how p***ed off I am, man, completely.''

And the 'Wall of Glass' singer has no plans to stop making public jibes at his brother because of all the ''s**t'' he received after Oasis split following a row between himself and Noel, even if his comments trigger a wave of abusive comments to the 50-year-old musician's wife Sara, their sons Sonny, 10, and Donovan, seven, or his daughter Anais, 18, who he has with ex-wife Meg Matthews.

Liam - who has four kids from previous relationships - fumed to The Guardian newspaper: ''He did me out, mate, he threw me under the f***ing bus, and I won't forget that. He split the band up and it meant the world to me. Just to further his career. So me having a little pop at him when he f***ing needs it, I don't give a f**k if his missus gets a bit of s**t on Twitter, or his f***ing kid - welcome to my f***ing world. I was getting s**t when you threw me under the bus and split the band up. My kids get s**t, too. Get off Twitter if you can't f***ing handle it.''