Liam Gallagher says he would make a great Prime Minister.

The British rock star praised his ''beautiful children'' and teased about ''dabbling in drugs'' in the past as he insisted he should be the one to turn the UK's fortunes around by taking over 10 Downing Street - the official residence of the PM - once Theresa May is out of office.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday morning (18.06.19), he wrote: ''My name is liam Gallagher I have 4 beautiful children I have dabbled in drugs over the years I've had many number 1s now send me the keys to no10 I'll sort this pile of s**t out WHY ME?WHY NOT. (sic)''

He joked even his name meant he was a perfect fit to lead the country, adding: ''ParLIAMent c'mon you know''

The 46-year-old singer even has a policy in mind already, and he responded to a question from a fan to outline his plans if he was in power.

He simply said: ''Get Oasis back together I'd make it law''

While fans would undoubtedly love to see the 'Don't Look Back In Anger' hitmakers reunite after their split in 2009, the long running rift between Liam and his brother Noel means a comeback remains highly unlikely.

Just last week, the 52-year-old star hit out at his sibling's solo ventures as he insisted rather ''put s**t on a pizza'' and eat it.

When asked if he'd rather watch his rival football team Manchester United win a quadruple, or watch Liam perform at Wembley, Noel said: ''I think I'd rather eat my own s**t. I'd rather put s**t on a pizza and be force fed it than listen to that bozo f***ing murder his own songs.''