Liam Gallagher wants to meet his daughter.

The 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker has reached out to his 20-year-old daughter Molly - who he has with his former lover Lisa Moorish - and insisted he would be ''open'' to speaking to her if she got in touch, despite the pair never having met before.

Asked if he'd be open to Molly contacting him, he said: ''I would be, yes. I mean I'm open to everything. But at the moment it ain't happening. Got no problem with the girl whatsoever.

''The girl's been looked after and clothed and fed and sent to lovely schools. I bought them a house and all that tack. I just think she's best off with her mum ... They aren't good when they are forced, these things. I think we leave it be. See what happens. If it happens it happens. Certainly, wouldn't turn her away, man. Let it be.''

However, Liam had harsher words for Lisa, his former flame, and admitted the two of them just ''don't get on''.

He added to GQ magazine: ''She's had her day in the sun ... The kid I haven't seen. We'll see one day, but, no, not seen her. But if I met her, she'd be cool. She's welcome in my world and that, you know what I mean? Without a doubt. But I just ain't met her because her mam's ... Listen, we don't work. We don't get on.''

It comes after Liam revealed he made a decision to not have regular visits with Molly because his relationship with Lisa was so toxic.

He said: ''As she was growing up, I thought it was the best way, instead of having me popping in and arguing with the woman. She [Molly] knows where I am and I'm there for her if she needs anything, like I have been since she was born, financially. I know it's not about that but it's better than nothing.''