Liam Gallagher wears his parka on stage in warm countries because he would be hot even if he wore a thong.

The 45-year-old singer is known for his trademark anoraks and doesn't change his style when he performs on stage in sunnier climes because he wants to maintain his look, but admits it isn't the thickest of coats.

He said: ''People are getting on my case going [Australian accent] 'Oh mate, you gonna come down here in ya f***ing parka mate? Ya gonna f***ing roast to death mate.

''Oh really? You don't see me roasting mate, it's been f***ing pissing down every day since I got here.

''This is who I am, man. You get the rockers who wear them f***ing leather jackets and that, you get the skateboarders who wear the shorts, this is who I am. I wear it.

''If I went on in a f***ing thong I'd still be hot. So I commit and I just get on with it. It's thin though, it's not thick.''

While Liam admits his look has changed slightly since he was in his 20s, he insists not a lot else is much different, apart from him putting on a bit of weight over the years.

Speaking to Junkee, he added: ''You're a lot slimmer aren't ya, when you're in your 20s. In your 40s you put on a bit of weight. Soulfully, it's still the same.

''Your look changes a little bit. But I'm the exact same - you crack me open, I'm the exact same as what I was when I was 20. Without a doubt.

''Might be a little bit more grey and have a bit more of a derby and I might have a different size waist in me jeans and that, but split me open I'm the f***ing exact same. Wear the same clothes, wear the same shades, support the same football team.''

Liam is known for feuding with his brother Noel Gallagher, and while his sibling recently branded him and his fans ''parka monkeys'', the 'For What It's Worth' hitmaker insists the description is accurate.

He recently said: ''I am a f***ing parka monkey. He's f***ing with a generation there, man. I'd rather be a parka monkey than a f***in' Givenchy f***in' Bond Street p***y-wearing clown or whatever he is. Parkas, bring it on.

''Ooh, I'm loving the agg, man I revel in it.

''For the man who sat there six months ago and went, 'No one gives a flying f**k what Liam Gallagher thinks.' Get that down your neck, mate. Get whatever has just gone down, down your neck.''