Liam Gallagher could be set to be joined by Skepta on his forthcoming solo tour.

The former Oasis frontman has taken his 'bromance' with the grime star to the next level by buying him a birthday present, whilst also inviting the 'Shutdown' rapper to join him on stage to perform ''that natural mystic tune'' - which could be referring to late reggae legend Bob Marley's 1977 hit 'Natural Mystic', though it's not sure which song Liam is referring too - when he goes out on the road in December.

The 'For What It's Worth' singer celebrated his 45th birthday on Thursday (21.09.17) and the 'Shutdown' rapper reached out to the rocker to let him know he turned 35 just two days before him.

Much to Skepta's surprise, Liam wrote back telling him he's got him a gift and to ''stay tuned''.

After Liam tweeted: ''Life begins at 45 then as you were LFUKING x (sic)''

Skepta replied: ''F**k. Your birthday is 2 days after mine, yeah that makes sense. Happy new year brother as you were - SK (sic)''

And Liam wrote back: ''Yes Virgo bro when you coming round my way I got a bday present for ya stay tuned there's a natural mystic blowing true the air as you were (sic)''

He continued: ''I'm gonna do that natural mystic tune on my tour you up for getting up and down if your around LG x (sic)''

Skepta joked that he'll need to step up his security because a Liam and Skepta performance won't be ''taken lightly''.

The Londoner replied: ''Of course. Tell security to double up, LG and Skepta together is not something to be taken lightly as you were - SK x (sic)''

Declaring his love for the 'That's Not Me' star, Liam previously said: ''Man like Skepta keeping it real. Got to stand for something.''

The 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker got into grime through his youngest son Gene, 16, and since he shared his respect for the scene, rappers like Skepta and Stormzy have voiced their mutual admiration for Liam's music and attitude.

Liam kicks off his UK tour in support of his debut solo LP 'As You You Were' on December 1 at the First Direct Arena in Leeds.