Liam Gallagher is ''so proud'' of his daughter Molly Moorish.

The former Oasis frontman has hailed his girl - who he was estranged from until she was 18 - as a ''clever young woman'' after she spoke out about her relationship with the 47-year-old rocker.

When a fan asked Liam if he was ''proud'' of the 21-year-old student for her recent interview with Grazia magazine, the 'Once' hitmaker replied: ''I am so proud of her she's beautiful clever young woman. (sic)''

In the article, Molly - whose mother is singer/songwriter Lisa Moorish - revealed she has grown so close to Liam that she goes to him for dating advice.

She said: ''I go to him for boy advice. He'll be like, 'Stay away from that one...'

''I've obviously got the eyebrows. I mean, they're big!''

The pair met for the first time in the 'Wonderwall' singer's local pub in 2018 and though Molly had a brief moment of thinking the situation was ''weird'', she was relieved to find the tension quickly melted away.

She told the publication: ''We went to the pub and got on so well. For the build-up, I was not really thinking about it. Then, for the first five minutes, I was like, 'Oh, this is weird', and then it just was fine.''

Before meeting Liam, Molly had met her 18-year-old half-brother Gene - whose mother is Nicole Appleton - several times when she was around six years old.

She said: ''He doesn't remember it, but I do!''

And she came face-to-face with Lennon - Liam's 20-year-old son from his first marriage to Patsy Kensit - at an event after following one another on Instagram.

She recalled: ''We were both like... 'Oh, hi!' ''

Before connecting with her dad, Molly had been in regular contact with her uncle, Noel Gallagher - who is estranged from his sibling and former Oasis bandmate - but now she's established a relationship with her dad, they no longer communicate.

She said: ''We don't 'not speak' but we don't speak, if that makes sense. [It] wasn't my decision.''

Liam - who also has a six-year-old daughter, Gemma, who he is yet to meet - has admitted that he has ''regrets'' that he did not see his daughter Molly until she had grown up.

The 'Supersonic' singer - who did not have regular contract with Molly due to his strained relationship with her mother Lisa - previously said: ''I regret not seeing her until now - 20 years is a long time. That must have been terrible for her.''