Liam Gallagher's son Gene is set to start a career as a model just one month after getting expelled from school.

The 18-year-old son of Oasis rocker Liam and his ex-wife Nicole Appleton revealed last month he had been expelled from his school, but that hasn't held him back as he's now set to take on the modelling world.

Gene completed his first-ever modelling job this week for Adidas' Spezial winter collection, and plans to continue pursuing a career in the industry.

A source told The Sunday Mirror newspaper's Watts the Goss column: ''Liam has been encouraging his children to follow their dreams, and all of them have been snapped up by fashion brands.

''It was a bit stressful when Gene got expelled, but then Adidas got in touch and they love working with him.''

Gene follows in the footsteps of 19-year-old brother Lennon - whom Liam has with his first wife Patsy Kensit - and 21-year-old sister Molly Moorish, who's mother is Lisa Moorish, who are also models.

Last month, Gene insisted his expulsion was ''nothing to be proud of'', but 46-year-old Liam - who also has Gemma, six, with Liza Ghorbani - disagreed.

Asked why he was expelled, Gene said: ''Nothing to be proud of.''

But Liam interrupted: ''Oh, it is! King Alfred is the most laid-back school in the world.''

Before landing a job with Adidas, Gene spent time working on a building site, much to the amusement of his dad and Lennon.

Lennon said: ''It was for a week.''

Liam laughed in a joint interview with his children: ''It was a couple of days, weren't it. It wasn't even a week!''