Liam Gallagher gave Ed Sheeran masturbation advice after seeing he'd broken both arms.

The 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker couldn't resist poking fun at the 'Castle on the Hill' singer - who suffered the painful injuries when he fell off his bicycle last month - when he saw Ed had his right arm in plaster and the left in a sling when they came face-to-face backstage at the Q awards in London a few weeks ago.

According to Q magazine, Liam shouted to Ed: ''F***ing hell kiddo!

''You want to calm down on the two handed w***ing a bit. Can't go breaking both arms w***ing. Go back to one hand, it's all you need.''

Though the 26-year-old singer looked embarrassed at Liam's comments, he took them in good humour and later praised the former Oasis frontman as a ''very funny'' and ''cool'' guy.

He told the publication: ''I met him at the Olympic closing ceremony in 2012.

''We were outside, just me and him, I walked outside for a cigarette and he was there. He was super friendly to me. He's a very funny guy. I really like him, really cool.''

Ed's friend Stormzy also couldn't help but laugh at the 'Galway Girl' singer's accident because it wasn't as ''epic'' as he'd first thought.

He said: ''I caught up with my boy for a quick [chat]. I thought [he'd had] a motorbike accident, honestly.

''That sounds way more epic than a pushbike. He was like, 'Yeah I was riding down the road...' and I went, 'Wait - you were on a pushbike? F***ing hell, bruv.' ''

The 'Big For Your Boots' singer was also happy to get the chance to catch up with Liam, 45, because they are big fans of one another.

He said: ''I've met Liam twice before. It's always love and good vibes every time, but it's always brief.

''Every time I've seen him I've been drunk. It's always a proper good vibe, he's a good dude.

''It's always just some drunk recklessness. I'll be like, 'You're my f***ing boy' and he'll be like, 'No, you're the f***ing boy.' Just gassing each other up.''