Liam Gallagher once walked out of a yoga class after getting ''stuck'' in an awkward position.

The former Oasis frontman - who wakes up in the early hours to fit in a run everyday - says he won't set foot in class again after the embarrassing incident.

He quipped to NME magazine: ''I done yoga once and I got stuck.

''The little geezer was laughing at me, so I thought, I'm taking my mat and I'm off.''

Meanwhile, the 45-year-old rocker - who was crowned Godlike Genius at the NME Awards on Wednesday (14.02.18) - has teased that his second solo album will be more ''In-yer-face'' and ''less apologetic''.

Asked what fans can expect from the follow-up to last year's 'As You Were', he said: ''A bit more in-yer-face. Less apologetic.

''I'd love to do a proper out-and-out punk rock album - a bit Pistols, a bit Stooges.

''I can do that gear; I can definitely sing 'em.''

The 'Bold' singer admits that songs like 'For What It's Worth' where he has to control his vocals can be a bit hard to pull off and that he is ''all for'' the pure punk rock tracks were he just ''spits out'' the words.

He explained: ''Some of the sing-y songs are a bit of a struggle when I do 'em live.

''But the lippy ones I can do all day long. The ones where you spit 'em out. You're not necessarily singing, you're just f**king screaming and shouting. I'm all for that.''

Liam said that he had doubts about his first solo record, and feared he'd have to take up being a seamstress at his fashion label Pretty Green if it ''bombed:

He confessed: ''I thought the album might bomb...that people might have had enough of me and I'd have to start f**king sewing at Pretty Green [his fashion label].

''If the album bombs, you can't do gigs. The second Beady Eye one didn't f**king work. The gigs were getting smaller. That's why we knocked it on the head.

''There was no point doing a third one - we'd be playing f**king pubs.''