Liam Gallagher's ''biggest competition'' are One Direction.

The 40-year-old Beady Eye singer wants to take on the world's biggest boy band in the charts, with his band's new album 'BE'.

Speaking to BBC News, he said: ''Who's my biggest competition? One Direction.''

Although he doesn't like the group's music, he is a fan of their attitude, adding: ''Fair play to them, man, they got lucky - like we all do, I guess- and they're just going for it. That's what it's all about, innit? It's all going to end at some point. And when it ends, you want to make sure you've ticked all the boxes.''

Liam also said he believes his group are experimental in a way his former band Oasis - which included four of the members of Beady Eye and Noel Gallagher - never were.

He claimed: ''I think we should have been a little bit more open to this kind of thing in Oasis - i.e. with the producers, do you know what I mean?

''In Oasis, Noel was full-on, hands on producing, and he's not a producer. I think some of the time, with this word 'experimenting', you have to let the experimenting happen.

''We tried to stay out of the way. And that's the biggest. It's the hardest thing, to be not running the show all the time.''

'BE' is released on June 10.