Liam Gallagher has branded Russell Brand a "d*ck", claiming any woman could do better than go out with him. The remarks come after Brand reportedly struck up a romance with Geri Halliwell, a friend of the former Oasis frontman.
Speaking to the Daily Star at this year's GQ Men of the Year awards, the Beady Eye singer ranted, "Russell's a dick. I don't really care about any of his relationships.All I know is anyone can do better than go out with him. I get on with Geri, she's all right.We've both got small dogs so we meet on Hampstead Heath sometimes". The 39-year-old hung out with Geri, 40, at the Olympics closing ceremony, where she is thought to have begun her relationship with Brand. Speaking about the Olympics after-party, Liam said, "The Spice Girls were a lot better on the booze than I thought after the Olympics.They're not bad for old dears.They'll never outlast me though, no-one will.I'm not saying I'm a God, but I'm not far off." Gallagher has never hidden his dislike for Brand, though his brother Noel Gallagher enjoys a healthy relationship with the British comedian, often appearing on Russell's Radio 2 show before he left the Bbc amidst the Andrew Sachs scandal.
Liam - who handed out the Lifetime Achievement award to Bradley Wiggins at the GQ awards - was also quick to congratulate Prince Harry on his recent Vegas debauchery, saying, "If I was a ginger Prince and third in line to the throne, I'd get p*ssed and naked every night. Just for the hell of it".