Liam Gallagher has revealed the tracklist for his second solo album.

The 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker is set to release his new LP 'Why Me? Why Not' on September 20, and he shared the song titles for the collection in a series of tweets including the title track, and recent single 'The River'.

Other songs slated for the album seem to be 'Shockwave', 'One of Us', 'Halo', 'Be Still', 'Alright Now', 'Meadow' and 'Gone'.

Also featured is 'Once' - which Liam has previously hinted was influenced by Pink Floyd and David Bowie - and 'Now That I've Found You', which was written about his daughter Molly Moorish-Gallagher in his life.

The former Oasis rocker cheated on then wife Patsy Kensit with Molly's mother Lisa Moorish, and the 45-year-old singer finally met his 22-year-old offspring last year.

He recently said: ''There is one on there that I done for me daughter Molly called 'Now That I've Found You'.

''Not like she was lost or anything or she was captured by the Taliban or anything like that. It's got a kind of 'now that you are in my life' kind of vibe.''

Meanwhile, Liam has revealed he has gone ''a bit psychedelic'' for his upcoming sophomore record, noting he was inspired by The Beatles song 'Blue Jay Way' - which was penned by the iconic band's late guitarist George Harrison in 1967 - on 'Meadows'.

He explained: ''There's a few more bangers on the new album, but there's a song on there called 'Meadows' which is a bit like 'Blue Jay Way' by George Harrison when he was in The Beatles, it's a bit psychedelic.''