Liam Gallagher is raging after a shopkeeper ID'd him for cigarettes.

The 44-year-old rock star loves to let off steam on Twitter and has rushed to the social media site to rage about a diligent shop assistant who refused to sell the restricted packet of cigarettes unless the singer proved his age.

He fumed: ''I've just been told I can't buy cigs unless I got ID im 4F****N4 has the world gone mad (sic)''

The former Oasis star usually signs off his monologues on Twitter with ''LG'' and a kiss and one eagle-eyed fan noted he must have been very angry because he forgot this time.

One replied: ''You had to be really mad because You forgot about ''LG x''.

Take care of You, Liamie.(sic)''

Another quoted the title of Oasis' 1995 hit and quipped: ''Just roll with it mate, don't look back in anger(sic)''

Just last month, the singer revealed he is guilty of drunk tweeting.

Talking to Christian O'Connell on Absolute Radio about his love for the site, he said: ''Oh mate, Twitter is the best thing because obviously I have a love-hate relationship with the press and that. I like putting a few wrongs right, or just having a crack - It's all fun isn't it? I don't wish anyone any harm.''

Insisting it would be ''boring'' without having the social network to vent his frustrations, he added: ''If it's all documented and robotic it would be boring, but yeah I do tweet and drink. Yeah, 'I'm having a drink, so excuse the next tweet.' I do like Twitter man, it's good. It's good stuff.''

Liam says other musicians are too ''petrified'' of ruining their careers to say anything controversial or anything that would put someone out of joint online.

He said: ''I always sound like I'm being aggy (aggressive) but I can't think of anyone that I rate at the moment anyway, nothing springs to my mind. Not in guitar music really, no. I think everyone's petrified of losing their career or whatever. You don't join a band to get a career, you join a band to have fun and make music.''