Liam Gallagher has praised the potato peeler at his London gig on Tuesday night (07.11.17) describing him as ''truly psychedelic''.

Ahead of the show at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club in London for Absolute Radio, the former Oasis frontman had called for a fan to sheer the skin off a spud during his performance, a double-edged joke at the expense of his estranged brother and former bandmate Noel.

The 'Greedy Soul' rocker often calls Noel a potato in his Twitter jibes and since the 50-year-old guitarist performed tracks from his upcoming third LP 'Who Built The Moon? with the assistance of a woman playing a pair of scissors on UK music show 'Later... With Jools Holland', 45-year-old Liam has joked he is going to have equally odd DIY instruments accompany his band.

Addressing the frenzied potato peeling during his rendition of 'Greedy Soul', Liam tweeted: ''To the peeler who peeled his little heart out last night you my friend are truly out there, psychedelic even, as you were King Parka Monkey x (sic)''

Footage has also now emerged of a male fan in the front row snipping a pair of scissors as Liam sings, leading his Twitter followers to ask for some praise for the guy who has been dubbed ''Scissor Monkey''.

Liam's decision to anoint himself ''King Parka Monkey'' is a reference to comments Noel made in a recent Q magazine interview in which the 'Holy Mountain' singer stated he didn't care if the hardcore Oasis fans, who he dubbed ''parka monkeys'' in a reference to his brother's Pretty Green clothing line which is popular with their following, liked his new album which he recorded with electronic music producer David Holmes.

Noel said: ''Half are saying, 'This is f***ing s**t. This can't be the guy who wrote 'Live Forever' and the other half are saying 'This is f***ing amazing' and that's not a place I've ever been.

''[Fans expect] the strumming of the guitar and the melancholy songs of lost love or lost youth, but with a hopeful chorus. But that's not where I am now. I know that's what people want, but f**k what they want.

''The parka monkeys are going to be like, 'A f***ing French bird on a track? No mate, not having it. It's not rock 'n' roll. Well no, it isn't. Whose saying it is?''