Liam Gallagher is heading back into the studio in Los Angeles shortly to work on the follow-up to his debut album.

The former Oasis star will be reuniting with producer Greg Kurstin and his team of songwriters to pen tracks for his second outing, following the worldwide success of 'As You Were', which featured the hits 'Wall of Glass', 'For What It's Worth' and 'Paper Crown'.

In a dig at his bitter rival and older brother Noel Gallagher, who he previously criticised for making ''cosmic pop'' music, Liam wrote on Twitter: ''The hills are live with the sound of LG I'm of to LA nxt Wk to start the follow up to as you were be afraid all you cosmic pop pickers Dilly Dilly as you were LG x (sic)''

The 45-year-old rocker, who has also slammed Noel's French scissor player on several occasions, previously described his plans for his second solo album as ''classic rock'' that certainly isn't ''cosmic pop'' or featuring scissor players.

Mocking his 50-year-old sibling and former bandmate's record 'Who Built The Moon?, Liam said: ''It'll be classic rock 'n' roll, there'll be no cosmic pop and no d**khead playing scissors.''

Liam, who got a fan to peel potatoes at his solo gig as a sly dig at Noel last year, also mocked his brother for thinking his latest album is ''out there'' and psychedelic.

He said: ''I don't agree with a lot of the stuff he's talking about.

''He's saying it's so out there and everyone's so square they can't get on it.

''I don't think it is out there. I honestly don't and I'm not digging him out.

''The stuff he did with Mark Coyle before we even got in Oasis was a lot more out there. It's designer psychedelia.

''And the songs ain't that good. They're not his best batch of songs.

''He's put a load of c**p round it.

''He's in the press going, 'Oh if you think this one's out there, wait till you hear the next one', like, mate, I don't know what crowd you're hanging about with but they must be a right bunch of squares if you think that's out there.''